Frequently Asked Questions

Is Everything Allowed?

Everything Allowed ” Legal Work” There Some Kind Of Work Not Allowed Like : Botnet , DDOS , Hosting Porn , Sql Dumper Tools , Please Read Terms Of Service For More Information

Why Your Price So Cheap? Are The RDPs Cracked?

We Don’t Sell Cracked RDPs. We Even Offer Full Admin Access With Warranty. Reason Why We Cheapest Price Cause We Work With More 1 Provider. Not All Plans From Same Datacenter / ISP Every Plan Have Pros And Cons . Like 15 day warranty Only Or Low internet Speed . etc

Can I Have Refund?

We Allow You To Get Refund In First 24 Hour. After That You Don’t Allowed To Get Refund . Sales Are Final Please Look At Terms Of Service For More Information

Will I need a lot of technical knowledge for using a VPS?

don’t worry if you don’t have technical knowledge. simply opt-in for our managed vps hosting solution and our experts will take care of the technicalities of your vps server.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

a virtual private server (vps) offers server resources shared over multiple virtual machines, providing the power and performance of a dedicated server but at a cheaper price point.